Reno Fitness Center Staff

Classes We Offer

Personal Training

Our personal trainers schedule a time with you to focus on your personal fitness and teach you how to achieve your goals. If you are focused on weight loss, bodybuilding, toning muscle or competition preparation, our personal fitness guides will show you how to build your skills to be your best self.


An inclusive workout that focuses on working every muscle including core, while reaping cardio benefits in this high intensity low impact class. This class is a highly effective workout for anyone from newbies to the more experienced gym member.

Fierce Yoga

Yoga never was so exciting! Traditional Yoga poses with an exhilarating twist! Power up, get strong, and get flexible. (All levels of fitness welcome, modifications and challenges offered.)

Saturday Morning Winter Melt

Be surprised each week with instructor’s choice of activities! Any fitness level can participate; modifications are made for everyone to get a great workout.

Pound Rockout Workout Mix Up

Take out your frustrations while you get a high-energy cardio workout using Ripstix (drumsticks, provided) to pound to the beat of the music. Pound offers great leg toning and core strengthening benefits. Modifications can be made so all fitness levels may participate.

Self Defense, Kickboxing and Fight Skills

Sensei John Wright will teach you basic through advanced elements of self-defense class covering techniques for beginners through advanced. Strikes, blocks and kicks, gun and knife defense are part of what is practiced. Controlled sparring/fighting included.

Morning Jumpstart

Start your day off right with a group workout that will wake you up! High Intensity and low impact drenches you with sweat in this power workout! Achieve your best self while staying low to the ground. (Modifications offered.)

Tsunami Seishin Dojo

Sensei Wright’s dojo is the Tsunami Seishin Dojo, member of the Shorin Ryu Karate Do International. Sensei Wright, who is a Godon 5th degree black belt teaching since the 70’s, will teach the traditional Karate/Martial Arts class for beginner through advanced skill levels. Techniques of Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Ju Jitsu, Goju-Ryu karate and kickboxing are also taught.

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